1. Would you rather die with a bank full of dollars, or a head full of memories and a heart full of adventure?

  2. Noble Ridge, OR.  

  3. "Go West"- Austin Lucas


  4. Tumblr accounts are like sneak peeks into peoples’ brains.  Sure are a lot of weird people out there…

  5. Y’aint never split wood ‘til you’ve split wood with one of these bad boys.


  6. (Source: Spotify)

  7. Went to a best friend’s wedding last weekend.  This pretty much sums it all up.

  8. Bluebacks hats hot off the presses.  Eco-friendly materials.  Snap-back. $25 bones.  www.bluebacks.org


  10. Was a pleasure to have a hand in putting this publication together.  If you live in Oregon and you love rivers, it’s worth the time to learn more about what your local watershed council is doing to improve conditions in your local area.